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Questions About Driving School?

Q : Why should I take professionally taught driving lessons?

A : Avoid accidents and potentially save lives by learning the correct techniques used in car control and defensive driving.
Avoid costly moving violations by learning up to date rules of the road and traffic laws.
Avoid expensive car repairs and extend the life of the car by learning how to drive in a smooth and controlled manner, lessening wear and tear on mechanical systems.
Invest in skills that will last a lifetime!

Q :  How do I schedule a lesson?

A : The first lesson is scheduled through the office during normal business hours after you enroll. You will then be assigned an instructor local to your area and able to accommodate your schedule. Subsequent lessons are scheduled directly with the instructor or through the office.

Q :  What must I do before I can take driving lessons?

A : You must have a valid instruction permit issued by the DMV. If you are under 17 1/2 years old you must complete the following checklist. Click Here.

Q : Can I practice with my parents before I take driving lessons?

A : The DMV requires that a 2 hour lesson is taken before practice sessions can begin. The instructor will sign and validate the permit.

Q :  How often should I take a driving lesson?

A : It is suggested that lessons are taken about 1 week apart to maximize retention of information and eliminate bad habits from developing.

Q : Can I take a brush up lesson before the DMV driving test?

A : Sure, you can take a 2 or 6 hour brush up if you like.

Q : Will I learn to drive on the freeway?

A : Yes, freeway driving is covered as part of our comprehensive course. We suggest that freeway driving is scheduled during a non rush hour time and is taught on the 3rd lesson.

Q : Will I learn to parallel park?

A : Yes, parallel parking and up/downhill parking are covered during the lessons.

Q : What should I bring to a lesson?

A : A valid instruction permit issued by the DMV, sunglasses, appropriate shoes, a small drink(optional), and a great attitude.

Q : Do you take breaks during the lesson?

A : A short 5 min. break may be taken to relieve stress, fatigue, or use a restroom.

Q : Can a parent ride along to observe?

A : Sure, as long as there is no talking on the phone or interfering with the instruction. We do ask that a parent who has observed give us a review on google.

Q : Are cars dual controlled and insured?

A : Yes, each car is installed with instructor brakes, has commercial driving instructor insurance, and inspected regularly in compliance with DMV regulations.

Q : How can I leave a review of my experience?

A : We appreciate and encourage your kind words. Click Here to leave a review.

Q : I am an adult with little or no driving experience. How many lessons will I need to pass a DMV drive test?

A : Although the exact number may vary based on learning rate and practice time with family or friends, the average adult will require about 20 hrs. of professional instruction to pass a drive test.

Q : I am a teen driving holding an instruction permit. Can I practice with my 21 year old brother/sister.

A : No, only a licensed driver and over the age of 25 years of age may practice with someone under the age of 18 yrs.

drvingschool cta2

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